Monday, December 28, 2009

go figure

So I got my period. But it was 2 days before christmas. the fertility center is on xmas break this week. So they don't start stimulations until the new year. That means I get to wait until hopefully sometime in january. But I am considering it a good thing. Let my body get itself ready on its own. I am glad I am getting things going on all by itself and not having things be induced with meds.

Another ironic thing is no matter how many times this year I have been off track, I am always right on track. my mother and I have always gotten our periods within days of each other (when I have gotten it) and she got hers the day before me. and even more ironically. 12 years ago on that exact day I got my period for the first time ever.

crazy. so now we wait again. just trying to relax =)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


after week after week for the last month. my hcg is finally negative. we have been given the go ahead that come next period we try again! so it begins again.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

and guess what...yes we wait LOL

met with our RE. he made me feel reassured. because my hcg is still elevated I need to keep going back for repeat bloodwork until it reaches 0. once that happens I will hopefully bleed on my own. if not and I do not have period in 4 weeks they will begin me on provera. so it looks like January we will begin again! YAY.

Also we discussed trying IVF vs. going for the insemination again and the doctor feels confident in trying the insemination because WE KNOW IT WORKS. he is very optimistic. I am glad he said that because that is what my gut says to do. At least this way we will still have options.

One step at a time. Things will be fine.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


my hcg is still elevated at 19.9 but going down! I have to go next week again for repeat bloodwork. I made an appointment on thursday for a follow up with the doctor to discuss options of trying iui agian vs. ivf. so we will see. lots of decisions ahead of us. my gut says try the iui again it worked. then we will still be left with options if it doesnt. plus ivf is so damn expensive! and my insurance isnt gonna take us very far. so we will see. gotta see what the doctor thinks.