Thursday, May 13, 2010


I never updated about the plan that we set up with the doctor. I did that because while we were away in Europe I ovulated! Took advantage as best I can and have been waiting for my period or a positive pregnancy test.

We all for the plan we were weighted with a couple of different decisions. 1. try a pill sort of like clomid. 2. go for IVF or 3. IUI with injections (going back to bravelle the med i got pregnant on) with possibility to switch to IVF if gets out of control. We opted to for option 3. But now knowing I ovulated on my own maybe that is why I should try the pills??

Well I did not get a pregnancy test to say positive. But to be honest I thought I was pregnant. My urine smelled so strong just like when I was pregnant and I had been cramping all week long with no sign of AF. But nope woke up this morning to my period. It is not very heavy but will be going in saturday morning for my blood work and ultrasound and we will begin again. I am going to proceed with the IUI with injections. I feel confident going back to this med I got pregnant on and if it still seems too much I will A. convert to IVF if it seems optimal OR try the pills next time.

Kind of a bummer that I did not get pregnant on vacation. We were in Italy and how nice of a story would that have been? oh well. just gotta keep on this roller coaster.