Monday, August 9, 2010

Test Results

We got some results back from the D&C and our chromosome tests.

We were having a baby girl. I knew it was a girl by the symptoms i was having! Of the 20 cells they tested. 15 were normal girl. however, 5 of them had a inverted 11th chromosome. They suggested we go for further chromosome testing (which we already did since it takes a few weeks to come back). They thought that I may or hubby may carry the inverted chromosome. Well we both have normal chromosomes. which means it was something wrong with the baby. They seem to also think it was bad luck x2. BUT to be safe they sent me for further testing and blood workup for recurring pregnancy loss.

We have a follow up the end of august to review these test results and set a plan for the next one.

Still have not gotten my period since the D&C yet anyways. I am in no rush and ready and willing to wait for all these results to come back and get my body ready for the next attempt.

Praying God keeps working on giving us our perfect little buddle of joy.